Barrelfield Energy and Infrastructure Services applies industry best practice techniques and procedures to assure application of the company’s policies and principles in purchasing processes globally, providing efficient and cost competitive support to its customers.

Our Procurement Management includes;

  • Quality consistency: continuous improvement of the processes and application of state-of-the-art Information Technology tools to ensure efficiency in processes and procedures standardization.
  • Strategic Sourcing: continuous maintenance of an approved vendor list throughout a careful selection of vendors and contractors along with a global procurement and e-business organization, giving real-time information on material and equipment deliveries.
  • A specialized Corporate Department to support procurement activities for Engineering Equipment, Subcontracts and Operations. 
  • Local multidisciplinary and flexible teams to support our project site.
  • Material management: Our integrated management system combines the supply process with the engineering discipline and is integrated with all the areas that interact in the development of a project, in order to ensure the follow up of all the steps of the process.
  • Agility: modern and up to date methodology that ensures the proper completion, time and quality of the purchased items at any time.
  • Post Order: inspection and logistics complemented with expediting to ensure a proper post Order treatment of the purchased items.